How to Setup FeedBurner Email Subscription for Your WordPress Blog?

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Feedburner is an easy way to enable email subscription on your WordPress blog. It is a free tool to burn the RSS feeds. It also provides many useful features a blogger or podcaster would need. Let’s see how to setup FeedBurner on your WordPress blog and how to enable email subscription.

Setup Feedburner for WordPress Blog

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What is RSS feed?

RSS means rich site summary. People also call it really simple syndication. RSS retrieves the latest posts or contents from your website and puts them into a user’s feed (just like the Facebook news feed). This is how users can read all the posts at one place, instead of visiting all the blogs separately.

What is FeedBurner?

Feed burner is a free feed syndication service. It is a Google subsidiary. It helps us manage our RSS feed, get the statistics and provides many other useful tools.

If you want to enable email subscription for your blog, FeedBurner provides it for free. When you make a new post, all the subscribers receive an email notification. This helps a blogger building up the traffic and readers base for his/her blog.

These are some benefits of using FeedBurner :

1. Multiple Subscription options.

2. Subscriber statistics.

3. Customization and branding options.

4. Ping facility.

5. Snippets and tools.

Setting up FeedBurner for WordPress blog

Locating your blog’s RSS feed

WordPress, by default, provides the facility of RSS feed. There are various RSS feeds like the main blog feed, category feed, comment feed etc.

Any of these feeds can be located by appending /feed/ to the permalink.

For example :

• Main blog feed of my blog :
• Feed for the category ‘WordPress’ :
• Comment feed for this post :

In this way you can locate the feed for anything on a WordPress blog, generated by WordPress itself. It’s upto you which feed to setup at FeedBurner. I would always recommend you to use the main blog feed.

Signing up for FeedBurner

1. Go to FeedBurner and signin with your Google account.

2. Enter the correct feed URL (with http:// or https://) in the box. Then click on the ‘next’ button.

Enter feed URL in the box

3. In the next step, give your feed a good title and choose a FeedBurner feed address for it.

Feed title and address

4. You have now setup your blog’s feed. Now click on the next button.

Feed created

Redirecting the default WordPress feed (Optional)

If you want to redirect all the traffic coming to your blog’s feed to the newly created FeedBurner feed, you can certainly do it. You may want to use FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin for that.

Enable email subscription

You now may want to build the subscribers or the reader base for your blog. FeedBurner provides the free email notification system or email subscription facility. Here’s how to setup email subscription for your WordPress blog.

1. In the feed management, click on “Publicize” tab. On the left hand side, there is a section – “Email Subscriptions“. Click on it and then click on the “Activate” button.

Activating email subscription

2. You will now see a code there. Only copy that code; do not do anything else.

Email subscription form code

3. Now go to WP-admin -> Appearance -> Widgets. Create a text widget by dragging text widget into the sidebar.

Creating a text widget

4. Now, paste the copied code into that widget and save it.

Paste the FeedBurner code into the text widget

5. Done! You have setup the email subscription for your users. You should see a form on the sidebar.

Email subscription form

You can also use plugins for creating advanced subscription forms (optin forms). But the basic form provided by FeedBurner also does well.

Do you use email subscription on your blog? Do share your experiences and views here.

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