Difference Between DoFollow and NoFollow Links – In Depth SEO Guide

Links are unavoidable part of each and every website. Let those be inbound links or outbound links. Search engine ranking depends on all the links put on that page. The links are mainly of two types – DoFollow and NoFollow. This post clearly explains the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow links. (Image : seocomando.blogspot.com) DoFollow links are nothing but normal … Read More

What are Different Penalties by Google and How to Stay Safe from them?

Ranking #1 in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is every webmaster’s dream. This dream led to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concept and also SEO firms and consultants. But, it’s never easy to rank #1 in SERPs unless the content is unique, informative, high quality and has lots of backlinks. Some webmasters can go to any level to get their … Read More

2014 is here! Cheers!!

Our team wishes you a Very Happy New Year 2014! Your love and support was awesome last year. Hope you will keep on loving us this year too. 馃榾

How to Create Custom Page Template in WordPress?

Custom page template is a very useful feature of WordPress. We can achieve whatever functionality we want using different page templates. Let it be a contact form, an archive page or even HTML sitemaps. It basically adds ability to do custom coding in that particular page. These pages become different than the normal pages on your blog. Let’s see how … Read More

Hide Website Content from Search Engines : 11 White and Black Hat Ways

There are several reasons why you need to hide website content from search engines. Some of those are : Website under construction : 聽It is really inconvenient to index an incomplete website. Improperly working website sometimes may cause very severe problems. So, until the website is not built properly, keeping it hidden from users as well as search engines is … Read More

How to Use WordPress Shortcodes Outside the Post or Page Using PHP?

Shortcodes always come handy while writing a post. Shortcodes can execute PHP codes inside a post. For example, if I want to show the fresh date everyday in my post, I would need to update the post everyday with that day’s date. But instead, if I create a shortcode to show the date (using the_date()), we don’t even need to … Read More

Find Out Which Plugin Slows Down Your Blog and Causes Server Load

WordPress plugins are really awesome. They can extend any blog upto any extent one wants. There are thousands of plugins available for different-different functionalities. And we all use plugins to accomplish our blog’s needs. However, all plugins are not the same. Some plugins are heavy or CPU intensive. They may contain complex coding or increase database queries. So, it’s very … Read More

How to Detect AdBlock Using JavaScript and Show Message to Disable it?

AdBlock is a browser extension used to block advertisements and popups shown on different websites. It is very useful to stay safe from annoying and disturbing advertisements displayed on various websites. But, it also affects the earnings of innocent webmasters like you and me. It’s fair to block useless ads, but if a website shows some advertisements to earn money … Read More

Arvixe WordPress Hosting Review – Features, Performance and Reliability

This Arvixe WordPress hosting review is based on the features provided, pricing and true performance tests related to WordPress. I also considered other factors like technical support, guaranties given by the company and reliability. Based on all these factors and tests, I would give this web hosting 4 out of 5. Arvixe is one of the top preferred web hosts … Read More