How to Use Custom Domain for FeedBurner Feed URLs? (Domain Branding)

FeedBurner is the easiest way to deliver your new posts to your subscribers. Users signup for your feed and get daily emails with your latest posts. It also provides a facility to add custom domain to your feed URLs (MyBrand). This is called FeedBurner domain branding. Let’s see how to setup a custom domain for your feeds. MyBrand is a facility … Read More

Create Coupon Website with WordPress – Best Themes and Plugins

In past few years, coupon websites have become very popular. Coupon website is an easy way to generate affiliate commission. Such site is very hard to manage though. Also, there is a huge competition in this field. Yet one can achieve great success through couponing. In this post, I will share how to create a coupon website using WordPress. As, … Read More

Create XML / HTML Sitemap in WordPress and Submit it to Search Engines

Sitemap gives search engines an idea about which pages your website has, what priority to give to each page and the date a page was last modified. Google and Bing highly recommend to generate one for your website. This post will guide you about how to create a sitemap in WordPress. I will cover both XML and HTML sitemaps. (Image : … Read More

Hyphen in Domain Name : Good or Bad for SEO?

Choosing a good domain name is very important for every website. A good domain name not only makes a website recognizable but also plays a vital role in SEO. Domain name may contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphen or dash (-). So, of course, hyphen is allowed in domain names. Moreover, a single domain may contain multiple hyphens in … Read More

How to Check How Many Backlinks a Website Has? Trustworthy Tools

Backlinks play a very vital role in increasing the PageRank of every website. PageRank then plays a major role in rankings of that site. It is very essential to check how many backlinks your website has. This will help you to know how your website is doing quality-wise. As a beginner, I started monitoring all the backlinks in Google Webmaster … Read More

Optimal Blog Posting Frequency : How Often Should You be Blogging?

Every blogger thinks what should be his/her blog posting frequency. He/she might also need to consider other factors like quality of the posts, search engine optimization, number of subscribers, overall blog traffic etc. Well, this post might help you deciding how often you should blog. (Image : It is important to know what blog posting frequency is. It is also … Read More

How to Add rel=”nofollow” to WordPress Navigation Menu Links

WordPress by default sets all the navigation menu links DoFollow. It simply doesn’t add any relation (rel=” “) to those menu links. But many people still don’t know that they can make the menu links NoFollow very easily. Let’s see how to make the links in the navigation menu NoFollow. Internal as well as external link structure of every website … Read More

How are Ads Above the Fold Problematic? – Ad Heavy Page Penalty

Running so many advertisements on your website? You can be on a risky side. Google has tweaked its algorithm to punish every ad heavy page shown in its search results. It has also told that only 1% of the websites will get affected with this algorithm change. But the whole efforts behind all this are to improve user experiment. An … Read More

HitTail Review : Increase Website Traffic with Long Tail Keyword Tool

Increasing organic traffic is very difficult these days. Every niche has a lot of competition. Surviving in the competition is a big challenge in front of every webmaster. Only long tail keywords can help you increase your website’s organic traffic without worrying about the competition. And HitTail is the best long tail keyword tool available out there. This review covers … Read More