Best Premium WordPress Theme Sellers of 2013

A theme gives your blog a new look and make your blog look unique. There are lots of Free themes available out there. But, as they are Free of cost, many users already have installed them. If you are a professional blogger and want to give a professional look to your blog, you should install a Premium WordPress Theme (or Paid WordPress … Read More

8 ways to create a 301 redirect

301 redirect (Moved Permanently redirect) is usually used when you change the domain of your existing site or when you want to redirect non-www.domain.tld to www.domain.tld (or vice versa) or you want to show permanent movement of your data. This redirect is also useful when you want to indicate internal link changes to search engines and users. This is also one … Read More

200 + Ranking Signals used in Google’s Algorithm – List

Google uses more than 200 different ranking signals in its algorithms. These signals help Google to determine the kind of any site and its pages. The algorithms first apply the signal test (also called SEO Point score) to a site and its pages, then decide the rank of the particular site or page in different search results according to the relevancy. The … Read More

How to build static website with WordPress?

Normally WordPress is used to create a blog (like this one). But many people don’t know, using WordPress they can create a very nice website (static website). The main difference between a blog and a site is the frequency with which they are updated. Blogs are updated periodically and so their homepage usually contains latest posts. While a website has … Read More

Make your WordPress blog look like a Static Website

In my previous article, you saw how to create a static website using WordPress. But creating a page and making it your home page is not enough. You need to add a navigation menu, sidebar widgets and some more pages to your site. Lets see how you can make your WordPress blog even more look like a website. First thing we … Read More

How to install a WordPress theme?

WordPress themes give a new look to your blog. It makes it more attractive and unique. There are thousands of free as well as premium WordPress themes available. In this tutorial, I will explain how to install a WordPress Theme. WordPress itself provides us a vast range of free themes. All these themes can be found at WordPress’s Theme Directory. To install these themes, go … Read More

15 silly grammar mistakes you should not make

Are you a blogger or an article writer? If yes, then you should know common grammatical mistakes which may make you look bad and take your reputation down. While blogging or writing an article, you ought not to just share your thoughts, but also present them in an effective way and win your readers’ hearts. Having a good language helps a … Read More