How to Add Multiple Users to Your Google AdSense Account?

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Google AdSense has recently added the facility to add multiple users to your account. This will allow multiple users to access the same AdSense account without sharing any user ID or password.

Many blogs have a team of multiple admins or authors. All the team members may need to see their earnings, manage the ads and see the reports. However, it was not possible before to do so. People needed to share their Google user ID and password.

But now, because we can add another user to our AdSense account, multiple users can manage it with ease.

AdSense User Management at a glance

• You can add any Google Account user to your AdSense account (Gmail address is not compulsory).

• The age of the user should be at least 18 years.

• Other Google products (like Google+, YouTube, AdWords, Gmail etc.) are not accessible to the added users.

• You cannot add or combine existing AdSense accounts.

• You cannot add accounts with rejected AdSense.

• For Google Apps, AdSense must be enabled from the dashboard.

• Payee name cannot be changed in any way.

• The added users are of two types : Standard and Administrator.

• The Administrator gets all the rights of your AdSense account including :
— Edit, manage or change any setting.
— See, add or remove other users.
— Change your payment address or bank details.

So, before adding anyone as an administrator, think twice. If you feel that there is no any kind of risk, then only add a user with administrative rights.

How to add users to your AdSense account?

Step 1 : Send the invite

Login to your Google AdSense account. Click on the “gear icon” at the top right corner and then “settings”.
At the left side, click on “Access and authorization” tab and go to “User management” section.

Google AdSense User Management and Settings

Now, enter the email address of the Google user you want to add.

Step 2 : Email verification

The newly added user will receive an email notification. That email will contain the verification link. He/she MUST open that link and verify the request.

Google AdSense Email Invitation

As soon as the he/she clicks on the link, he/she is added to your Google AdSense account.

Making a user Administrator

In the user management section, you will see the list of all users added. In front of each user’s name, there is a checkbox of Administrator. Just check that box.

Make a user administrator or remove a user

The user is now administrator of your AdSense account.

Removing a user

After the user is done with your AdSense, you can remove him/her. Just go to the user management section and see the list of users.

There must be a cross symbol in-front of each added user. Click on that and you are done. The user is now removed.

Please refer the last image.

Additional resources : User access FAQs – Google AdSense

Are you already using this facility? Do share your views and opinions.

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