Show categories on the product page in OpenCart

OpenCart does’t have inbuilt facility to show Product Category/ies. But showing categories on the product page in OpenCart is quite easy. You can use the categories to build your own breadcrump navigation or for any other purpose. If you have assigned more than one categories to your product and want to show just one, copy the code below in /catalog/controller/product/product.php – // begin $categories … Read More

SEO friendly title & description of Product or Category in OpenCart

OpenCart is often rejected for creating online stores because of the lack of some SEO features in it. The soul of SEO i. e. the titles and descriptions of products and categories are difficult to set. Even though you can add SEO description of your products, it is yet not sufficient, because the title is not SEO friendly. See how.. … Read More

SEO friendly URLs in OpenCart without modifying .htaccess or extension

The URLs play a very important role in SEO. I don’t know about old versions of OC, but in 1.5.X onward, OC too has SEO friendly URLs facility. I read on many blogs about OpenCart’s SEO URLs. I found some coding for modification of .htaccess file or usage of extensions. But I want all the OpenCart users to know that SEO URLs … Read More