Post Pagination and SEO : Good or Bad? What Should You Prefer?

Do you write very long posts with lots of images and videos? If yes, then showing the whole post content on a single page may not be convenient; for both you and the readers. In such cases, splitting the posts into certain parts is very essential. That is called as post pagination. An example of paginated post would be my post … Read More

How to Create and Add Google Plus Badge to Your Blog or Website?

Google Plus is one of the most important social networking sites available out there. From the beginning only it grew up very fast. Many websites have their business pages and profiles there. Adding a Google Plus badge on website or blog helps significantly in growing the number of followers. More followers then help in SEO and the overall reputation of … Read More

How to Use Custom Domain for FeedBurner Feed URLs? (Domain Branding)

FeedBurner is the easiest way to deliver your new posts to your subscribers. Users signup for your feed and get daily emails with your latest posts. It also provides a facility to add custom domain to your feed URLs (MyBrand). This is called FeedBurner domain branding. Let’s see how to setup a custom domain for your feeds. MyBrand is a facility … Read More

Optimal Blog Posting Frequency : How Often Should You be Blogging?

Every blogger thinks what should be his/her blog posting frequency. He/she might also need to consider other factors like quality of the posts, search engine optimization, number of subscribers, overall blog traffic etc. Well, this post might help you deciding how often you should blog. (Image : It is important to know what blog posting frequency is. It is also … Read More

What Should be the Length of a Blog Post for Maximum SEO Benefit?

Every blogger wants his/her blog to shine in the online space. For that, the blog should have a number of readers, proper search engine optimization and a good number of quality posts. The length of blog posts really matters in all this. And hence, it is very important to know how long your article should be. In this post, I … Read More

Should You or Should You Not Use Iframe Comments?

“Comments” is an essential part of every blog. Many bloggers still follow the traditional, basic comments section, even while using fancy themes. While many others use modern third-party iframe comments. This post covers the pros and cons of iframe comments embedded in blog posts. This will definitely help you to decide whether you should use iframes for your comments or not. … Read More

Top Mistakes Committed by a Newbie Blogger

Every successful blogger of today was a newbie once. But not every newbie becomes a successful blogger. That is because lack of knowledge, over excitement and confusion. Every newbie makes mistakes. But how many times? We should learn from our own mistakes as well as those made by others. Here, I have made a list of common mistakes a newbie blogger … Read More

How to increase Page-Views of your website?

Page-views play an important role in any website’s reputation. More the page-views, more the revenue and conversions. But, increased page-views does not necessarily mean reduced bounce rate. Consider two examples, Website A – Unique visitors : 60,000; Page-views : 69,100 and Bounce rate : 89% Website B – Unique visitors : 10,000; Page-views : 43,000 and Bounce rate : 25% You can easily … Read More

15 silly grammar mistakes you should not make

Are you a blogger or an article writer? If yes, then you should know common grammatical mistakes which may make you look bad and take your reputation down. While blogging or writing an article, you ought not to just share your thoughts, but also present them in an effective way and win your readers’ hearts. Having a good language helps a … Read More